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Cameron Herndon is the founder of YourSDHomes, has been in the Real Estate industry for over 22 years, and has accomplished over 1,500 transactions. Cameron’s mission is to utilize his world-class lifestyle video & twilight photography marketing, his in-depth understanding of the San Diego market, his years of studying American Economics both Austrian & Keynesian, his vast experience, and his powerful negotiating to ultimately make the real estate buying and selling processes simple, yet very rewarding. Cameron’s core values are the guidelines on how he approaches everything. Integrity, genuine care, professionalism, and diligence is Cameron Herndon. Cameron heavily believes in the “Golden Rule” by treating every single client equally the way he would want to be treated, whether they own a condo or a castle. Cameron has embraced the rapid changes in technology and continues to give his clients the absolute state-of-the-art technological experience when it comes to selling or buying a home. From Lifestyle videos with lots of drone footage, a custom web page, twilight photography, floor plan, 3-D Virtual Reality Tour and much more.  Cameron also prides himself on that personal touch which is really the true meaning of what clients come to appreciate and respect when working with him. Cameron has no desire to become the head of a large real estate team because he wants to continue being there for each and every one of his clients personally from the very beginning to the close of escrow.  Cameron acquires clients almost solely from word-of-mouth due to making them happy with their real estate transaction for years to come so that they refer all of their friends and family to him.  Cameron understands how important relationships are with his clients and has some clients who have bought and sold several homes, along with their children buying and selling several homes.  This fierce loyalty is only deserved due to his highly moral ethical standards in the way he treats every client, along with his sensational service that he gives each client.

If all the incredible lifestyle marketing videos with thousands of views, the statistics, the testimonials, the years of experience, the hundreds of sales transactions, and the continued success over all these years haven’t already made you a believer, then please give Cameron a call and sit down with him so you can experience him face-to-face and let him prove himself to you.

Cam Herndon


Cameron Herndon was born as a triplet in Honolulu, HI.  At 4 years old his father retired from being a Commander in the Navy and moved his sisters and him to San Diego, California.

Right out of college at SDSU and on the top position of the SDSU Surf Team, Cameron Herndon started his real estate career in January of 1996 quickly becoming a success.  Cam grew up in San Diego and after 41 years knows it extremely well.  Throughout the years selling real estate, breaking sales records, collecting trophies, and making hundreds of folks very happy with their Real Estate experience, Cameron had 3 beautiful children and is a single father.  Now, after 22 years of selling Real Estate and 1,500+ sales, Cameron’s children are 12, 10, and 8.

Cameron has always been an extremely giving person and prides himself on treating everyone the same way that he would want to be treated, using the ancient “Golden Rule”.  This is why Cameron offers the same amazing high-end lifestyle videos, twilight photography, custom website for property, and more for every single seller no matter if they own a condo or a castle.  This is highly unusual in the business, yet Cameron would not have it any other way.  Due to Cameron’s years of daily meditation practice and his deep spiritual beliefs, this is the only way he works in order to serve every human equally no matter what is in their bank account.

Cameron has quite a few years to go before his children will be self sustaining, so you can count on him for being your Realtor, and giving you passionate, unparalleled service for decades to come.




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