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What’s included in your home value report?

1. Home Sales Near You

In your report, you will receive 6 of the home sales near you. These are also known as “comps”. Your home’s comps are analyzed because they have a strong influence on your home’s value.

2. Your Home Value Explanation

Hearing what your home is worth and understanding what your home is worth are two different things. We break it down nice and simple and explain how we got to the value of your home because we believe knowledge is power.

3. Tax Records of Your Property

Tax records provide you with the concrete facts and will help you connect all the dots. Once you compare your home’s tax stats with the comps we listed, it will make a full circle.

4. Your Home’s Suggested Value

Lastly, your report will present you with a suggested dollar value of your home. This is based on an in-depth analysis of the area, your home’s features, curb appeal, etc. This is no vague robot generated value, this is the real deal.

Your Home Value Report

Who is the real estate expert generating your home value report?

Cam Herndon will be writing up your tailored home value report. With his 20+ years of experience coupled with the care he has for his clients, Cam will be generating a top notch home value report for you.

He has taken part in over $1 billion in sales transactions and has been recognized time and time again for his expertise in real estate. Cam is genuine with loads of experience, who better to evaluate your home?

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