Mediate Plus


“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
– Marcus Aurelius

Founder, Cam Herndon, regularly practices deep meditation and leads an active lifestyle which enables him to constantly act with a clear mind, he is aware that he may not be able to change certain things but he uses what he does have control over, his mind, to make unheard of deals a reality. When working with YourSDHomes, you will quickly find that Cam has extreme love for the art of negotiating. He is recognized by his past clients to be a very calm, but a powerful and effective negotiator. MEDIATE+ is a level of negotiating expertise, inspired and taught by Cam Herndon himself, which you will receive when working with YourSDHomes.

Get Above Ask

Through the use of meditation, surfing, and healthy lifestyle, founder, Cam Herndon always starts each day with a clear mind and has instilled this clarity into YourSDHomes. This has helped YourSDHomes become a powerhouse when it come to negotiating and when couples with our advanced and extensive marketing tactics it has lead us to time and time again get above ask for our clients.

Pay The Right Price

Make sure not to pay a penny more than necessary. When YourSDHomes combines our extensive market knowledge with Mediate+ you are guaranteed to have the upper hand and negotiations in your favor. We always want to make sure our clients are making the most intelligent investment out there when purchasing their home through us.

Buy Low, Sell High

Whether a seasoned investor or a rookie to the game at YourSDHomes we utilize our negotiation powerhouse to ensure you the perfect foundation that will generate a big profitable margin for when you are ready to sell again. All of this is accomplished through YourSDHomes’ tremendous understanding of the market, as well as our robust marketing approaches.


With over 2 decades of first hand experience and over $1 Billion in sales, the negotiating at YourSDHomes has been mastered. The foundation of YourSDHomes is “The Golden Rule”, we believe it is necessary to treat every single client exactly how we would want to be treated. And it’s not a coincidence that majority of YourSDHomes’ clientele is gained through referrals.




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